About me

I am artist specialist on animals and massai design paintings – this tribe in Kenya that lives near to animals.

My real name is Stephen Munyoki but I use “Martin” in my art work to remember my grandfather – also named Martin –  whom I loved very much before he passed away. He was one of my mentors and he motivated me on art talent. So i always remember him when I paint and sign his name.

I was born at upper eastern part of Kenya by 15/2/1975, brought up by father and mother which were cattle drovers. I attended a puplic school known as Konyu Primary School on 1981. During my 8 years at school without nursery, I did very well on art and craft work, but my teachers never detected my talent. They advised me to put more effort on other lessons. I did it and i performed well being number one as we completed class 8 by 1990 🙂